My little Deer – DIY Halloween costume 

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With it being Halloween today what better time to showcase harlow’s homemade costume. Every year I have tried to make her outfit and this year was going to be no different. I feel it’s become a tradition now and something that’s become special. I know one day she will want the premade ones but for now I’ll have fun making them.

Deciding what she’s going to be is always a challenge cause there are just so many options. This year I got my inspiration from our daily walks at the river we do. Every time we are there she’s running through the bushes and trees just like a deer. So why not make her an actual costume to suit her crazy behaviour!

I wanted to make this costume on a budget and still cute ? After all the only wear it once.

So I went on a hunt to value village looking for something I could use to make her this deer costume…

I found an old dance bodysuit that was brown but was covered in sequins but I figured I could use it in some way considering I had looked a handful of places for a brown body suit and NO luck!

I then found a faux fur old jacket collar at value village and figured that would work perfectly.

The first thing I did was cut off the sequins on the body suit. Then cut the fur collar in half and plugged in the hot glue gun.

The fur collar fit perfectly to cover the belly of the body suit. So I simply used the hot glue gun to attach the faux fur to the body suit. The back of the body suit I just used a white craft paint and painted on some spots.

For the headband I just purchased a dollar store plastic headband and a piece of brown felt also from the dollar store. Again I used the hot glue gun to wrap the headband with the felt to cover it completely.

The antlers are actual sticks found in the forest from one of our family walks. And the ears were purchased from a headband at value village I just added some of the fur from the belly of the outfit to the ears so it matched. The ears and antlers were also attached with the hot glue gun.

That’s it super simple, inexpensive cute costume.We attempted painting harlows face which turned out to be a bit of an epic fail but hey we tried. Toddlers have a mind of their own ! The total costume cost me $16.00

Happy Halloween everyone !



All photos by the talented 

Warin Marie Photography 


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