Creative Friends

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My friends all have talents. Some are more visible than others, but isn’t that true with everyone?

Everyone has something different to offer in life and we all can contribute different things to our relationships.

My long time friend Justine just started applying her talents to creating beautiful handmade jewelry pieces which are incredible. She opened a shop called ” Crystal Vault Designs” and you can find her on Etsy HERE.

They are super well made and classic looking. She was so thoughtful in sending both Harlow and myself one to enjoy. Harlow absolutely loves hers and asks to wear it all the time. They are so thoughtfully made and delicately pieced together. They make a wonderful gift even if it is for yourself. They are stylish enough to wear with that cute dress or just jeans and a t-shirt which I love. Versatility when you become a mom is key. My wardrobe has gone from a huge walk-in closet to half a regular closet, it is stuffed full, but still. My choices on what I purchase or wear on the daily has drastically changed. It’s not all just about “trendy” it’s about comfort, versatility and also practicality with maybe a splash of trendy.

These necklaces are something that pairs great with almost anything in your wardrobe and are created with one of a kind crystals or stones and are transformed into something unique that everyone can enjoy. Crystal Vault Designs also ships internationally which is a huge win for all of you that live across the ocean.



To shop her amazing pieces check out her page HERE. 

Find her on Instagram HERE. 



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