Spring cleanin with Pine-sol

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If your anything like me, the weather starts to warm, days get longer and I’m going through every closet and cupboard cleaning out unwanted stuff.

It doesn’t matter how minimal we live I still think we have too much stuff, which is why I LOVE spring cleaning. There is nothing more satisfying then having a fresh, organized and clean home. Am I right?

I’ve partnered with Pine-sol this spring and let me tell you this new Spring blossom scent is AMAZING ! My family is obsessed with the original pine-sol and when I say obsessed I mean it. My grandmother uses pine-sol to clean everything, her clothes even smell like pine-sol sometimes. She swears by it, which is probably another reason I love this product. It’s just in our genes to love it. Pine-sol is a great and effective muti-surface cleanter, most of us don’t enjoy cleaning but I do love having a clean smelling home.

This new scent reminds me of spring/summer with its floral aroma. It’s also pink which is a colour I love. A thing I love so much about pine-sol is that the scent hangs around longer than a lot of other household cleaners. I love it when you spend hours cleaning your home and it actually smells clean. I totally encourage you to try this new scent from Pine-sol you will NOT be disappointed.


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