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I am thrilled to be partnering with Brita for the launch of their new WE statement Brita Bottle.

This Bottle doesn’t only have amazing results from it’s individual Brita filter right inside the bottle but it also gives back. I love a chance to give back, especially if it’s from something we would use in our daily life anyway. The purchase of one of these limited edition bottles supplies clean water for an entire year for someone in Kenya.

How amazing is that?

This Bottles gives Canadians the chance to help someone from across the world. When we think of water it’s just something that comes easy, it’s something that we don’t even think twice about because we are fortunate enough to live in a country that has an ample supply of water. Not everyone that lives on this planet is fortunate enough to have all the modern-day amenities as us. Not everyone on this planet even has the basic essentials. That breaks my heart to know that there are kids the same age as my very own that don’t have water to drink every time they are thirsty. That’s not okay to me, we need to do anything we can to help those people less fortunate than us. By purchasing this water bottle you are getting the benefit of drinking clean, filtrated water yourself and also helping someone less fortunate, that’s pretty darn amazing.

To find out where to purchase this water bottle click below.
Purchase the ME to WE Brita Bottle now for only $19.99
To find out more about this amazing product and partnership. Click here. 



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