Smoothie & Popcicles

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So today on snapchat I shared my smoothie recipe and thought what better time to share these amazing Popcicle molds. We LOVE smoothies in our home and have one almost every day but we always have leftovers that get poured out. I found these amazing molds for popclicles from “Decor”called Icestix  and they are amazing. No more waste in our home. 

My go to easy smoothie recipe: 


This recipe was Orange juice but it could be apple juice, cranberry juice, etc. Whatever your heart desires or whatever you have in your home. 

Frozen Berries: 

This recipe was strawberry, blueberry and raspberries. But it could be whatever you like another favorite in our house is. Pineapple, mango and peaches and strawberries. 


I use IOGO brand and its a Greek yogurt in vanilla but also you can use any flavour you want. I prefer Greek over regular cause it is thicker which helps make it creamy and thicker. 

Once you’ve enjoyed your smoothies take the leftovers and pour them into your silicone molds put the lids on and put them in the freezer to enjoy a healthy Popcicle later. These are amazing for kids and a great sunny day snack. 


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