Valentine’s Day 

Holidays, Mom Life


I had the pleasure of participating in this Valentine’s Day photo shoot.

Supporting other mompreneurs is something I love to do. It’s always so competitive and can be judgmental when starting something new and I even felt that a little, and still do at times. Well I have news for you. We all have something unique to offer, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses so let’s just support each other. I was flattered to be apart of this shoot, both of these girls are stunning and their babies are just precious. It was a wonderful day supporting each other and making new friendships.

I’ve never been huge into Valentines day I think it’s totally a Hallmark holiday and a money grab from all those card companies. This year though I’m totally all about Galintines Day. I love my girlfriends and they are a huge part of my life to be honest, I think of them more like family then friends and I appreciate them and the encouragement and love they show me. I would do ANYTHING for my girls and am so thankful for the joy they bring to my life. I have struggled with having a proper balance between mom life and my personal time and since the new year have really been working on spending more time with my tribe. I think we grow personally when we spend time away from our children. I never really believed that or wanted to actually make an effort but I have seen the actual benefits of spending time away from my family and spending time with my girls. I highly recommend it, if you’re a mom that deals with guilt I beg you not to. If you feel selfish leaving your child(ren) STOP ! You need that time away to be a better mom, to grow as an individual and to show yourself “SELF LOVE”.

I encourage you this Valentines day to not only show others that you love and care about them but to also show yourself love. You are Important and a priority as well, dont discredit yourself. Even if you’re not a mom, take that time to love yourself today. Have a bubble bath, go do something you really love. Go get a massage. Whatever makes your heart and soul happy and don’t feel bad about it !

Happy Valentine’s day 




All photos taken by: Captured by Marcedys 

Styled by: Chaos + Creative

Model: Samantha Lenz

Flowers: Sequel Events 
Banners: Little Sprout Creations
 Cupcakes & Cookies: Sugar Flour Bake Shoppe  
Wood Signs: Pacific Coast DIY


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