Tips for hosting friends 

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Written for a Guest post on …. Wild Fir Tree


I love hosting, its one of my true passions. I love to put little details into the ordinary which is why hosting a random brunch in nature is perfect. 

I also love the beauty in our backyard, the trails, rivers, mountains that are province has are so remarkable and sometimes overwhelming. I love being outside and enjoying the quiet of nature, the birds chirping and the sound of the wind in the trees. There is something so peaceful and healing from spending time in nature.

I love to “unplug” as they call it sometimes. I put away my cell phone, no music, no T.V, NOTHING. How often do we do that now a days? Never, really. It’s very rare you don’t have some sort of distraction. Part of my plans for this year are spending more time “unplugged”. Spending time amongst friends and family just listening, asking questions, getting to know them better. Spending time playing with my daughter without my phone ringing. These are those moments are hearts and minds hold onto. The best memories I have as a child aren’t the ones watching a movie or playing on a computer. The best moments are the ones building forts, playing dress-up, tossing rocks into the river, they are the moments without distraction.

I encourage you to try to spend time without those electronic distractions. This idea of hosting a random meal in nature is to reconnect with those friends, those ladies that you care about and love, or maybe its your family.

Hosting a random spontaneous meal in your backyard


Tips for hosting


You want to be able to enjoy the company of your guests and be able to entertain, you don’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen. Make sure to have all or most of the food prepared  before your guests arrive.

Signature Cocktail

This always makes it a bit more special and who doesn’t love a cocktail, am I right? Another tip is to have them already prepared maybe in a large decorative pitcher so you’re not running back and forth playing bartender.

Fun Game

 Or something to get conversation started or rolling. This is especially helpful when its a mix of personalities or maybe a few newer faces in the crowd.

A Small Gift

I love the idea of my house guests leaving with a little something small. It doesn’t have to cost a lot it’s just a little thank you and makes your guests feel a little special.

Be Mindful

Try and ask beforehand of any possible allergies or specific food modifications that might be an issue to serve your guests. You want them to be able to eat what you serve.

Set the Scene

Set your table with flowers or candles something to warm up the table and remember your creating an experience, so put your best food forward.


Hand over all electronics. Actually talk to one another and engage in conversation. Get to know your guests and make them feel special they have your full attention.

Hope you found some of these tips helpful and are able to apply some of them when hosting your next get-together.

XO Jenna

Photos by: Warin Marie Photography 


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