Valentines day with your daughter

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Valentines day has never been my favorite. I think it’s super over rated however after having Harlow every single holiday no matter what it is, is so much better and a reason to celebrate. This year she understands it more so it’s fun to see her excited.

Being more present in everyday life is so important to me.

It always has been but this year I have a whole new focus and desire to really embrace and be more present in moments with my family. I want to really create lasting memories.

For me a great memory doesn’t have to cost a dollar and it certainly doesn’t have to be a lavish vacation. Just a moment you spend really focused on each other, no distractions. Exploring, learning, laughing and enjoying life’s most precious gift which is time and relationships.

This year for Valentines day we made a Cake together and decorated it. We went shopping together and selected little gifts for her friends that she really loved and we handmade our own Valentines day cards for her to give away. It was a fabulous day and something I will not forget. Her little hands mixing the cake batter and getting icing all over her face, her rubbing her belly when she had a bite of cake and saying “It’s delicious mom”. I live for those simple moments.

Being a bit OCD or maybe a lot. I had a really hard time allowing mess to happen or having things out of place from where they are regularly. I became more aware of how I was being and how much I don’t want to be that way and don’t get me wrong, I still struggle at moments. I’m definitely not perfect but I’m aware and really making a better effort to change. Being a hovering parent isn’t something that I want to be and I certainly don’t want her to be worried to play and be creative because of a fear of making a mess. When she’s awake we play and make messes together and when she’s asleep I clean.

Hope your inspired to spend more time in the moment even if it’s just baking a cake together with no distractions.

Happy Valentines day !



1. Mailbox- Target

2. Memory Match Symbols game- Tree Fort Trees

3. Bandades- Target

4. Pjs- Old Navy


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