Pop it like it’s Hot 


img_6094Happy national popcorn day !


Who doesn’t love popcorn ?

I’m a lover of kettle corn and movie theatre popcorn especially. I love snuggling up on the couch and enjoying a warm bowl of popcorn. I’ve used popcorn for other types of dessert recipes. I thought since Harlow’s birthday is just around the corner why not do a spin-off of popcorn with a hint of birthday cake.

This recipe was created while I was baking a birthday cake at home, totally a random thought. These types of thoughts  come to mind all the time, I usually attempt to try them with about half ending horribly. Hey, I tried right ?

So this recipe is super simple and Harlow actually helped me make it.


I bag of kettle corn

4 tsp of pre-made cake mix

3 bars of white chocolate-Melted



Melt your chocolate in the microwave being very careful not to burn it.

Pop your popcorn

Add your 4 tsp of cake mix to the melted chocolate and stir together

Pour the melted chocolate and cake mix into the popcorn until it’s all covered. Stir gently.

Add your sprinkles.

Serve and enjoy.

This was a huge hit with the kids that ate it,they ate every single Kernel, it also something they can help make so its super fun for a rainy day activity or a birthday party treat.



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