Be Good to Yourself

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Do you ever wonder why in this crazy fast world we don’t spend more time just sitting in silence alone? or why we don’t take more time to do the things we love and enjoy?

I’m Starting this year off with a new direction.

I’m starting a new series on the blog and hope that you’ll subscribe and join along with this new series called “SELF LOVE”

I want to start a safe and real chat monthly. Something that could potentially turn into weekly. A place to connect with more of you on a personal level. To be honest when I think of where I want the blog to go or why I started it in the first place it’s to inspire, to support, and to listen to others. I want other moms to be able to connect through here to share your really bad days and also share your wins. I want somewhere there is absolutely no judgement a place where we can talk about real and raw subjects a place that challenges us on the daily and inspires us to take better care of ourselves. I’m also going to share more about my struggles as well.

One of my best friends is joining me for the first part of this journey and I want her to share her talents and her wins as well as her struggles. My hope is that someone finds comfort in the fact that they aren’t alone and that yes in fact we are all people, we all struggle on the daily. Not to mention it’s so extremely important to take care of yourself and put yourself first. I have a real hard time doing that at times and I’ve had some major mom guilt in the past but I am learning to overcome that and be better about putting myself at least on the list.

One of my favourite quotes at the moment is …

“You cant pour from an empty cup”.

 That quote is so true, so lets work on changing that together. Please if you have suggestions or a topic you would like to see discussed on the blog please feel free to comment below or send me an email

Can’t wait to connect and get to know more of you better and also support and uplift you anyway I can.




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