Making things happen. You should too ! 

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Do you ever reminisce about something that seems impossible. Something so extreme and or silly that you might not want to ever attempt to actually make it a reality ?

I have moments of creativity or maybe it’s craziness all the time and that has started to now push me to make those dreams or thoughts a reality because well life’s too damn short and because my favourite thing to do is be creative and style decor. One of my biggest loves and something I enjoy most is home and event styling and there is something about hosting a dinner party that fits into both those categories a little which is why I was compelled to make it happen.

I was sitting at the table one night thinking how amazing would it be to host a snowy dinner outside in the middle of nature. To bring to life the simplicity of sitting in the wilderness with just the sound of nature, no cell service and the company of good people. Enjoying some light food and hot drinks, cuddled in warm blankets. That seemed like something so dreamy and crazy at the same time which is why I wanted to do it. That day ended up being -8 degrees which was a little colder than I expected. Setting up the table was actually painful with the cold temperatures but I feel like it was so worth it.

Many people might not know that I also have a home and event styling business and this year I will be merging that business into Chaos + Creative to make things a bit less complicated.

Chaos + Creative Home


Chaos + Creative Events

So stay tuned for that addition later this year.

This year I’m making a conscious effort to live more in the moment, take more advantage of the slow moments and to live more authentically. I want to break bread with more people and actually get to know them and ask questions. This snowy dinner was the start to a fresh new year and I’m hoping it’s only the beginning of a year filled with meaningful moments.

Photos: Warin Marie Photography



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