A Letter to my baby

Mom Life




Today is your Third birthday.

How did that even happen? I feel like yesterday I was sitting in that hospital bed wondering If you would ever make your appearance into the world. You were a fighter right from the start with how you came into this world and you still are.

You have the most amazing personality, always saying “Hi” to everyone you meet, jumping, skipping and twirling wherever you go. Your never afraid to just be you, that’s something I admire so much. You’ve taught me more in the last 3 years than I’ve learned in a lifetime, your constantly challenging me and testing my patience but the love I have for you is so indescribable.

When I see you dancing like no one is watching it brings me so much joy, your laughter is contagious and a sound I never want to stop hearing. We have done so much together already but the moments that its just me and you, having a one on one conversation those are the moments my heart treasures most. When your sleeping I sneak into your room to just sit at the foot of your bed and watch you dream or to give you a few extra kisses on the forehead, I’ve done that since you first came home from the hospital. I know one day you may not want me to kiss you goodnight or give me hugs in front of your friends, but I want you to know as long as I can I will sneak in to check on you after your asleep to give you a few extra kisses. I will reminisce about past memories we have made together until I can no longer remember. I will ALWAYS be your biggest cheerleader and support system, you’ll always be my baby.

I hope you have the most amazing day today and that you remember what’s actually important on birthdays, its not about the gifts or the cake its about living in the moment, spending time with family and celebrating the fact that your one year old and we have another year ahead to dance together. I love you my baby girl.



Photos: Warin Marie Photography



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