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Mom Life




When you have a child your focus changes. Your life changes in so many ways. It’s actually difficult to explain just how different it is until you actually just live it. I never thought it would be as challenging as it is I find myself wondering if I could actually juggle 4 children like I had always wanted. I’m still thinking 2 might be a lot of work.

My biggest goal with becoming a mom is to make sure Harlow knows just how unconditionally loved she is. I also have other things I make an effort to do in everyday life to make sure she knows just how much she means to me and how blessed we are to wake up each day.

With starting a new year it’s in a bit of a clean slate and a reason to remind ourselves about what’s important.

One of my biggest goals in life is to live a meaningful and authentic life.

What does that mean ?

Well for me living a meaningful life means that I make a conscious effort to leave this world better than when I arrived. To make an effort to spread love and joy to others, to be real with myself and raw so others may feel comfort in the fact that they aren’t alone. To be a light in sometimes a very dark world and to be a leading example for my daughter Harlow. This is a daily battle that I continue to work towards, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the crazy day-to-day life and forget, however I am starting this new year with a fresh reminder that this is my passion and purpose …. it’s my reason.

Every day I am holding myself accountable to do a random act to make someone smile. It might not always be something that costs money it could be something so simple as:

  • Giving someone a compliment at the park.
  • Asking how a strangers day is.
  • Giving someone your grocery cart.
  • Writing someone a quick note.
  • Holding the door open a little extra longer in a public place.
  • Dropping a coffee off to a friend.
  • Writing your spouse a note.
  • Spend time at the local animal shelter
  • Talking extra time to tell someone you appreciate them.
  • Sending snail mail to a friend
  • Shovelling your neighbors driveway in the winter
  • Mowing your neighbors grass in the summer
  • Volunteer in your community

The thing about doing most of these things is that they don’t necessarily cost you a lot of money they just take up a bit of time. Which means there is really no excuse. As a mom I want my daughter to be taught to be a caring, compassionate, loving, accepting and giving person. I want her to want to be a better person and to want to make this world a bit better of a place. I’d love for you to join me in spreading love and joy in 2017 !


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