Happy 2017 !!!

Family fun, Holidays

Holy crap ! Can’t even believe another year has rolled by. This year seem to go even faster than previous years maybe because we were so busy. I feel like the busier you are the faster time goes by. Anyone else feel that way ? 

We had a wonderful Christmas this year just spending it quietly at home and really doing what we wanted. No running around to dinners and being stuck in the car driving for hours on end. We stayed in our Jammie’s, ate delicious food, had lots of laughs and made and did our own family traditions. I really couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas. Christmas Day we opened our gifts in pjs and had a delicious homemade breakfast. We let Harlow play with her new toys as we packed the truck for a family drive up to fresh new snow. Before leaving town we made a stop at the local seniors home to drop off coffee and goodies to the people working that day and to also say hi to the residents that might not get any visitors that day. Harlow was so excited to run the halls of the home and wish people a merry Christmas which was so heartwarming to see. 

We then headed for the fresh powder snow to play in. We spent time enjoying each other’s company without social media and distractions. After getting chilled to the bone we made our way home to get warm and start our yummy dinner. 

After dinner we piled into the truck to go look at Christmas lights and then finished off the evening with cuddling on the couch to watch a Christmas movie. It was literally the perfect day. 

I hope you and your family enjoyed your time together. If you were running around like crazy I encourage you to make the change next year and start your own traditions. Be present in the moment, turn off your phones, create memories your children will remember. 




4 thoughts on “Happy 2017 !!!

      1. For sure. We went to north Carolina last year, and it didn’t snow until the day after we left lol


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