Wrap it up 

DIY Project

I don’t know about you but one of my favourite things to do around this time of year is wrap all the gifts. 

I love details on everything and wrapping is no exception. I love making it extra special for the person recieving the gift. 

This year I went with more of a rustic feel. I always have kraft paper kicking around my house for all year wrapping or projects in general so I wanted a paper to go with that. I found this awesome paper with wood rounds in it and loved the rustic feel. I love adding greens to the top of a gift, adding a natural element that doesn’t die easily is key and making sure you don’t add the greenery too soon or it sadly will die. 

The name tags this year were both wood rounds found at the local craft store in town and some packages were small wooden letters I found at our local Walmart. Both super easy and fun. They are also something people can keep. I did most of the kids gifts with the wooden letters so they could keep the string with their name on it and make a bracelet or hang them in their rooms. 

I hope you feel inspired to wrap those gifts a little extra special this year, after all it’s not about the gift but about the thought of the gift and that includes the wrapping ! 



One thought on “Wrap it up 

  1. These wrapping ideas are beautiful! I love the little sprigs of greenery and the wooden letter beads. They’re lovely. Thanks for these great ideas! Cheers, Mary Jane

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