Hey Mama….Live in the moment.

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wmp_somebunnyis2_51Can you believe almost an entire year has passed us by again?

I don’t understand how flipping fast time goes. In high school days it felt like each day was a week long and that I would never graduate. Now I feel like I’ve missed, months at a time cause they have passed so quickly. It puts life into perspective when you can watch time through children. Seeing them first born and them not knowing anything or really doing much of anything. To them learning how to sit up, walk, run, talk etc. Before you know it they are starting school.

It’s such a wonderful thing to see children grow but it’s also a little bitter sweet. Never being able to go back and relive those tender first moments as a newborn with them. Never being able to hold them in one hand again. Those moments like their first bath and the first time they rolled over, those memories and moments are so special yet pass so quickly.

As a mom now I’m so eager to live in the moment and enjoy everyday as it comes because for the first year or so of Harlow’s life I was so consumed with small things that didn’t matter and also dealing with postpartum depression that I missed out. I was consumed with thoughts that were so silly and I was so hard on myself. Those thoughts made me majorly miss out and I now look back and I regret not living more in the moment.

After realizing this was happening I decided to make the change. I needed to shift my thinking and release this pressure I had weighing on my shoulders. I’m not ever going to be a PERFECT mom cause that doesn’t exists. I’m not always going to do the right thing and that’s ok.  I’m not always going to be put together and that’s ok too. Some days both Harlow and I look like a hot mess, two years ago that would have eaten at me and made me so upset. Now we embrace our messy buns and laid back attitude and we LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

We embrace the crazy !

Some of the things we do to stay living in the moment:


 We Craft or DIY

Have a Dance Party

We Bake

We do each others hair and nails ( yes it can painful and messy)

We take pictures

We read books

We colour and paint

We go for walks and look for interesting plants, flowers, bugs, etc.

We go to the river for a walk

We do a puzzle

We go for a drive

We play dress-up

We go to the park



As December is half over already its hard not to start thinking about the new year. I encourage you to try to be present as much as you can in the last 16 days of the year. Take lots of pictures, write yourself or your children a handwritten note, go for a nature walk, sit and just listen to your favourite tunes. Enjoy those moments with your loved ones, laugh together and make lasting memories, you ever know what tomorrow holds or what will change in a year. Stressing over gifts, holiday parties, or what that crazy uncle will say or do at a family gathering is irrelevant.

Happy Holidays my loves.





2 thoughts on “Hey Mama….Live in the moment.

  1. Thank you do much for linking this up. I totally agree. I thought it was only me who felt like I would never reach the end of high school. Hahaha. Now having a kid, I feel like I’ve just missed the past 3 years. ): Awesome read.<3

    Liked by 1 person

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