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Do you ever dress your child or children and think… When did they become so much cooler than me ? Or why are all your clothes better than mine ? I do ! All the time !!!

Since becoming a mom the addiction I once had to shopping has now shifted from me to shopping for my daughter (Harlow).

It’s way more fun to shop in mini sizes anyways and to be honest it’s really nice to be able to purchase anything and have it look good on her, and I mean anything ! She’s definitely starting to get a mind of her own now, and that’s challenging when you’re wanting to get her dressed in the morning. There are many days that if we don’t have much going on and I’m working from home she will insist on staying in her Jammie’s. I’m to be point now where I don’t care to fight about it so she stays in her pj’s all day, however when it’s time to go out and do something I need to almost bribe her to put clothes on. We have a few shirts from some local shops we love and adore that have prints on them of, a bunny or a peanut, etc. Those are fairly simple to get her into cause she says they are cute. But if we have a nice dinner to go to you can’t always put on that same cute t-shirt. Where am I going with this ? We finally found a brand that we both LOVE !

 Tiny Button Apparel ….

Not only do they have super cute and trendy clothes but Harlow actually wants to wear them. This little dress we were sent is so amazingly soft and has pockets !!! Yes pockets !!! That’s what sold Harlow on this dress. She can hide something in there and that’s enough to sell her on it. Usually it’s a small snack or a coin she found somewhere but hey whatever works right ? The other thing I ADORE about Tiny Button Apparel is that its amazing quality fabrics. Kids are hard on their clothes which means a lot of stain removers and washing. This little dress has been washed way too many times to count and it still looks new. I can’t say that about over half of the brands hanging in her closet. So not only is it super soft and stylish it actually lasts.

We are in love with Tiny Button Apparel and I hope you check out their amazing products for your little fashionistas.

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