Beautiful Bright SMILE ! 

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I had the pleasure of visiting Emma at Beautiful Bright Smile. What an amazing experience…

Emma has the cutest set up in her home that’s full of natural light and a big comfy chair for you to relax in while you get pampered and watch your favourite TV show.

I was absolutely terrified to try teeth whitening, my teeth are so beyond sensitive it’s sometimes hard to even drink cold water. So I thought for sure doing whitening would make them unbearably sensitive. I’ve always been envious of people with super pearly white teeth and wanted to have the same movie star smile. So I figured I would book in and just go already. I’ve heard nothing but great things so why not give it a try I had nothing to really lose.

The procedure itself is actually super easy and painless. First she applies the mouth guard, brushes on the gel,  then you sit with the light covering your teeth and sit back and wait 30 minutes. After the first 30 minutes you get up and rinse your teeth and then repeat the same thing over again for another 30 minutes. Just like that its done and your left with amazing results. The only thing I got from it was tingling in my lips, I can handle that all day. Emma is completely certified and has over 12 years experience in the Dental field, she will also send you home with a whitening pen and full directions for at home use.

Some time has passed since visiting Beautiful Bright Smile and to be honest they look even better than when I walked out right after the procedure. I also have to mention NO extra sensitivity at all !!!!  Such a relief and so worth it in every way. If you are considering trying it but are nervous DONT be you’ll love your results and probably become a regular.

Another really unique cool thing about Beautiful Bright Smile is Emma travels. Are you even more excited now ? I know I was super pumped to learn that she does house calls for teeth whitening. How awesome would it be to collect your closest girlfriends for a night of pampering and have Emma come in and whiten all of your teeth. What an amazing thing to do with all of your bridal party right before you get married. I mean this changes everything ! With being a mom it’s always hard to find childcare and to find the time to get out of the house and be able to do something like this. Now you don’t have to cause she will come right to your door.

Emma offers numerous services such as Lash Extensions, Professional LED Teeth, and now Microblading.

Teeth Whitening in Studio Prices:
$89.00 or 2  for $150
Mobile Prices:
$100/person or 2 for $85/each 3 people $75/each 4 is $70/each

She can accommodate up to 4 people all at one time which is amazing, so find 4 friends or more and have a party you save money  !



I have partnered with Beautiful Bright Smile to give one lucky winner a FREE teeth whitening.



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