12 days of Giveaways | WINNERS 

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Well this has been a ton of fun hosting the 12 days of giveaways!

 I’m so thankful to all the shops that participated to bring you all some amazing prizes. Be sure to give them some love and follow along on social media with them.

I think this 12 days of giveaways might become a yearly tradition!

Huge thank you to everyone that entered the giveaways as well. If you are listed as one of the winners feel free to reach out to the shop in a private message on instagram, however all shops will be contacting the winners personally on how they are able to redeem their prize.

So I’m sure your all just here to find out if you won so here we go with the list of winners…

Day one: $25 shop credit for you and $25 shop credit for a friend from

Its all chewed up – WINNER: @jenbreurkens

Day two: $50 shop credit from

Moo and the Bear –WINNER: @imake.it

Day three: $25 shop credit from

Mon BeBe – WINNER: @justmeomaya

Day four: $25 shop credit

Friends for Keeps – WINNER: @jme_brady

Day five: $30 shop credit

Wicks Candle and Craft CO. – WINNER: @graydarla

Day six: $30 shop credit

I make it- WINNER: @geaarra

Day seven: $25 shop credit

Vintage Meadow- WINNER: @mar_shurt

Day eight: $25 shop credit for you and $25 shop credit to a friend from

Is it bath time yet- WINNER: @corryndyck

Day nine: $25 shop credit

Binky and Doodle – WINNER: @kelsoalder

Day ten: $50 shop credit

Buck and Doe Baby – WINNER: @mrscarlyjensen

Day eleven: $25 shop credit for you and $25 shop credit for a friend for

True north trading post- WINNER: @autumntantrum

Day twelve:

(Winner receives prize from all 4 shops)

$35 shop credit for you and $ 35 for a friend for – Little bean threads

$75 shop credit for-  Deer child tee pees

$50 shop credit for-  Mia’s Moccs

$30 shop credit for you and $30 for a friend – Tiny Threads

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: @tiffany_sarah_23

Thank you again everyone ! 

Happy holidays !

XO Jenna 


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