Quick & Easy Halloween Treat 

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If you have a toddler you know that everything gets messy. One of my favourite things to do with my daughter is bake. For Halloween this year I wanted to do a fun DIY treat she could participate in and would enjoy.

Super simple and easy and it takes less than an hour from start to finish.

I went to Walmart and purchased candy eyes 👀 I also purchased a tub of icing and some fun icing scribblers. You can also find all these supplies at Michaels craft store.

You start off by baking your cake if you want to make it super simple you can just purchase a pre-mixed cake and use that to make your cupcakes. The cake mix I used was Betty Crocker’s (Rainbow Bit)

We also purchased the Betty Crocker Frosting

I baked the cupcakes the night before so they had plenty of time to cool before we started decorating. This just makes it quicker and easier for you.

Let’s just say we ended up with icing everywhere. There was more icing on us then on the cupcakes. Nevertheless It was fun and they were delicious.

Using a piping bag and tip I put my icing in the bag and decorated the cupcakes then put the eyes on and drew a funny mouth. There isn’t any plan of action to these they are just supposed to be fun and crazy looking. Harlow’s cupcake barely got decorated before she had it in her mouth but she loved helping.

Hope you have fun with your kids creating monster cupcakes !

Happy Halloween !!!!


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