Dance my baby… DANCE

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Do you ever sit and just dream? I’ve always been a dreamer !

I use to just sit and dream about the one day I would hopefully have a little girl of my own. A mini me, my partner in crime, a sweet little one I could hug, kiss and spoil myself. A little human that was all mine! I dreamed of the day that I got to dress her up like a ballerina and drop her off at her first dance class. TODAY WAS THAT DAY!

My dreams came true, that moment I had pictured in my head was actually a reality. Wow what an overwhelming and amazing feeling to have dreamed of this day and have it actually happen. She was so beyond excited today which also made my heart happy. From the second she put on her outfit she had a smile ear to ear and kept spinning around and around. You could tell this was so exciting for her.

To some people this probably sounds stupid and that’s ok, everyone has those things they dream of or strive to achieve. For some it may be having a really fancy sports car or traveling to somewhere they’ve only dreamed of. Everyone has their own personal dreams and I think that’s what makes us all so special in our very own way. It’s so very important to have dreams, it makes life more exciting when you have dreams. There isn’t a lot better of a feeling then when you get to achieve a dream or a goal you had.

Having kids is extremely challenging, even more than I had thought however its even better than I thought too. These memories are what life’s all about, this is what I live for it’s what makes my heart full.

Today was a great day and I look forward to seeing her dance with the biggest smile like no one is watching.

Dance my baby, dance.





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