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We moved the beginning of summer to a house in Chilliwack, B.C and when we got the keys noticed just how much work was needed for it to be acceptable to live in with a small child. The house had clearly not been loved in a very long time and had no charm to it. We are such home bodies we wanted somewhere to kick our shoes off and enjoy at the end of the day so we dedicated our time to fixing up our little house. First on the list was making it safe and livable with a little one that likes to touch everything, so covering exposed wires, replacing flooring, etc. Next task was to tackle harlow’s room. I don’t know how many of you have toddlers or have been through this experience personally but the transition from crib to bed was a REALLY rough one. For over 6 months we have shared our bed with a toddler, not an ideal situation.

I wanted it to be modern and fun and be something she would love and could also grow into. With toddlers they change their mind almost every day on what they like so I wanted a neutral pallet to be able to change/update it when the time comes. Right now Harlow is in love with animals she freaked out when she saw her bedding which is where the vision all started, the cats were the inspiration for it all. After purchasing her bedding I was compelled to try to shop local and handmade for as much as possible.

By shopping second hand and just putting some elbow grease into it, the second hand items turned out better than new in my opinion.

I purchased Harlow’s bed frame off of Craigslist, it was a natural looking wood so I mixed my own chalk paint and decided to paint it black. Her bedside table was a cork table I found at value village and decided to paint, by just using painters tape to make the design and tape off the legs for a dipped look.  Her dresser was also a thrift store find and when we purchased it, it was a natural looking wood so it got a coat of the same black DIY chalk paint and I painted the inside white to have a bit of contrast. The doors on the bottom were painted with a chalk paint so Harlow could draw on them when she is playing in her room.

I had so much fun pulling this space together and couldn’t have done it without the help of these amazing Local Handmade shops.

All the links are below … to go check out the amazing work they do and show them some love.

WALL DECALS: Feelin it decals

These were custom prints done as a collaboration between me and Feelin it decals and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. They were super easy to apply and i think they turned out amazing in the room. Go check out their site and awesome products to spice up your walls at home.

 WALL PRINTS: Deer lake Creators

These print’s were perfect for the wall. So simple, but I love them so much. This company not only does amazing hand drawn prints they also make amazing unique wood pieces. Go check out the amazing treasures they have on their site.


This cheerful painting was a little pop of colour on the wall that was the perfect addition to the gallery wall. This shop is full of the most amazing, unique and creative pieces the shop owner is beyond talented.

CUSTOM DOLL: Friends for keeps

This doll was one of Harlow’s favourites in the room, from the moment she saw it she wanted to take her everywhere. These little dolls are custom and made with nothing but love and care. They all come in an adorable bag and come pre named. These dolls are the perfect gift for the holidays right around the corner.

“LITTLE” PILLOW: Little and Co

We LOVE this brand and pretty much everything they make. They have the cutest clothes for baby/toddlers and also make the most adorable home decor accessories. You have to check out their website.


We have always loved wooden toys from the time Harlow was small, I’ve tried to buy wood over plastic. Now that she’s older that’s no exception with her being so rough on things the wood toys also last much longer. This company makes the most adorable natural wooden decor for kids and its made right here in Canada.

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RUG: Walmart


CURTAINS: Homesense

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T-SHIRT: Little and Co

PANTS: Von Bon
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9 thoughts on “Modern Room Reno

  1. Love it! Actually in the same boat you were in.. stuck with a toddler in our bed while in the process of renovations. Not fun at all. Can’t wait to kick the little guy out and into his own bed! 😉 Love the colors you used.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the meow decals and I think that bed looks great! It is very scandinavian which is what I really gravitate towards. Great job!


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