Exploring our Backyard + Beyond


Just recently we took a trip up to Pemberton, B.C. The town I grew up in and made my childhood memories. My dad still owns a home in the Pemberton Meadows and most of his family still call Pemberton home. With it not being too far to travel and also having a free place to stay you would think we would go more often but that is just not true. This is the first trip up there in 3 years, life and schedules get in the way and it just seems like years really fly by.

This was Harlow’s first trip up to Pemberton and to say she liked it would be a complete understatement, she had eyes the size of saucers when she got to pet and see all the animals. She ran around like crazy the entire weekend got super dirty and had a blast. After spending time in more quiet nature surroundings I remember just what I loved so much about being raised in such a beautiful place, a place it that doesn’t care what handbag your carrying, or if you have makeup on. A place you can hear a pin drop its so quiet at night or scream and hear your voice echo in the mountains. A place that has no time for insecurities or worrying about petty things.

A place I loved! A place I called home! And a Place that I want Harlow to know and Love as well. I want her to not care what brand of shoes she is wearing, Cause really who cares what they are at the end of the day as long as you like them and they serve a purpose that’s really all that matters right ?! I blame social media !

This trip wasn’t about cute outfits and dinners out on the town. It was a trip to not care about that and just enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. There were a few moments during the trip that I actually said out loud “Do we actually live here?”, “We are so blessed to call this our home”. I still am in shock of just how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful province and the fact that we experience this as our norm. I mean the way home we stopped and enjoyed the scenery. Mountains, lakes, ocean, all in one day. How many people can say they can do that ? I felt thankful and grateful this trip to be able to enjoy such beauty and also for Harlow to be raised in such a beautiful place. So much to see so many places to go. This is just the beginning for a life full of adventure with her.

I encourage you if you haven’t been up to Whistler or Pemberton to make the trip you will not regret it, the drive alone is spectacular.






All photos taken by me…  on my I Phone 6





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