Back to school 

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Well that time of year has rolled around again and although my daughter isn’t old enough for actual school yet we are preparing for her to start preschool.

I remember every summer as a child the dreaded back to school preparation. Trips to Walmart or staples to go get all the binders, pencils, pens, etc. We would need for the upcoming school year. It was boring and made me a little sad. I wasn’t a child that loved school, heck I barely liked school. However the thought of new fresh items was always an exciting moment. I didn’t want to wreck them and was so cautious of everything for the first semester of school. Somehow by second semester it didn’t matter as much maybe because I can actually started back into full time school or because they had been shoved into my locker a few too many times and been beat down for months that they lost that new car smell and look.

I’m a bit of a clean freak maybe and like everything to always look new. Now having a child that has become a dream and a bit of a laughable, unrealistic expectation. Nothing stays new looking or even clean for that matter. But it’s important for me to teach her how to care for her items and take care of them even at the age she is at. We practice putting away her toys and cleaning up after herself when she makes a crazy mess in hopes that she learns the value of the things and appreciates them.

When we were kids the shopping and finding new items for our wardrobe was the best part. I always had a love for fashion and trends and was always so excited to walk into the halls at school with brand new clothes and shoes. Being raised by a single mom for years we were on a rather tight budget and in no way had a whole new wardrobe but we did get a bunch of new items and that was enough to put huge smiles on me and my sisters faces.

For “Back to School” we wanted to shop as much local or handmade as possible. We have so many local, talented shops that need support and love and have AWESOME products. We love these brands so much and the amazing products they sell. I’ve linked the outfit details below for easy shopping !

Harlow is wearing: 

Hat: Hey baby Victoria

T-shirt: Shop little and Co

Socks: Tic-Tac-Toez & Accessories


Photos by: Warin Marie Photography


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