Princess Party 

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Well most little girls are obsessed with princesses and mine is no different. This past week we had the pleasure of meeting a princess and queen as they visited my mom’s house and sang and chatted with our kids. To say they were excited is an understatement for sure. The kids eyes were as big as saucers when they saw them walk in to the house.

They were dressed totally the part and talked and stayed in the part the whole time. Queen Elsa had the most AMAZING voice and the kids and all us adults were in utter shock.

This is such an awesome idea for a child’s birthday or celebration. I remember the moment I saw a princess in real life for the first time in Disney land and I was in complete bliss. Such a special moment to later witness your own child experience that same reaction and happiness. This was a moment my heart will never forget and I highly suggest looking into “As you wish Princess parties” for your little darlings.

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As you wish princess parties

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