National dog day

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Today is national dog day ! 

Our dog buddy is very special to our family. He is a 12 year old Pomeranian and he is full of life and spunk still. 

We adopted buddy from the Humaine society in Kingston, ON when he was 7 years old. We weren’t really in the market for a new dog but I loved going to visit the shelter regularly to go take the dogs for a walk or pet the kitty cats that were in cages most of the day. I had always wanted to adopt a pet but selecting the right one for our family was a bit of a stressful situation. Then buddy came into the picture he was caged with another dog in the shelter and was extremely quiet and just gave you a look when you walked by him that you just couldn’t help yourself but to stop and pet him. He was all full of knots and dirt when I first saw him and he LOVED going for walks. I fell in love with him in just minutes, he was that perfect fit for us. 

However there was huge hesitation we had the freedom of only having a cat at the time and having a dog does bring up challenges when going away or working Long hours like we did then. I didn’t want to adopt him without being able to give him the best life possible. Especially because we didn’t know what kind of life he had before this shelter. We talked about it for an entire day weighing out the pros and cons and we kept coming up with only one conclusion. CALL THE SHELTER AND TELL THEM WE WILL ADOPT HIM AND BE THERE ASAP! 

And that’s just what we did. As soon as he got into the car he took up the whole passenger seat smiling ear to ear. As soon as he was home I gave him a really good bath and blow dried and brushed him out. He looked like a whole new dog. He was so well behaved and almost fell asleep while I was blowing him dry. In that very moment I knew we had made the right decision. He was everything I had wanted In a dog. I had always wanted a Pomeranian and I finally had one !!! Hurray! 

The next few years brought a lot of change to our life a move across Canada which he traveled with us in the truck for 5 days of driving. We welcomed Harlow to our household and he’s been more than amazing with her. He is constantly being pulled on and harassed by her and he always puts up with it.

He is part of our family and we have enjoyed every minute with him even though he is a bad barker and is going blind and deaf we love him and he’s the puzzle piece that was missing to complete our family. I can’t imagine our home without him. 

Happy national dog day ! 


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