Busy life & Mom guilt 

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I honestly can’t tell you the last time we were this busy. This summer has flown by and we have not once been camping or gone on any trips which is starting to bother me. 

With being self employed it’s even harder to set time aside to go away because when your busy you need to take full advantage of it. This summer has been full of moving, renovations, assisting family and friends that also have moved and renovated their own homes. Also blogging for events and brands, design consultations and plans for clients all with managing one vehicle and a toddler who is very demanding of my time. 

Sometimes it seems impossible to manage your time well and lately I feel overwhelmed with just how far behind I am on some daily/ weekly routines and even just spending time being an active parent. We try and squeeze in one on one time when we can but I feel guilty at times with how busy life gets. 

I hate saying “sorry I can’t play right now I have to do laundry or the dishes”. That makes me feel a crappy mom. I’ve even attempted letting her help me clean and well it kinda ends in disaster or she gets bored 1 minute into helping. I feel her pain, the last thing I want to do is house work and that says a lot since I’m a bit of a neat freak. 

How many other moms feel this sense of guilt?

 Is it just me ? 

Today we made time to do whatever she wanted to do. Which was play out in the yard and then she made me “spaghetti” in her play kitchen. Today we got up at 6:30am so I had some time for just her and I to enjoy playing and for her not to be put in a car first thing in the morning. 

I don’t love early mornings anymore, I use to be up no problem bright and early however after you have kids you need and want all the sleep you can get. So getting up super early isn’t something I really love, however early mornings are when I get time with Harlow. I wouldn’t change that for the world and need to make a better effort in doing that more often when life gets so super busy. 

Do you have any tips or trick you use to manage time and being an active, involved parent ? 


Harlows outfit: 

Top: @Oldnavy

Pants: @Vonbon

Rocking horse: Made by grandpa for Harlow 



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