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 You put some adorable brands together and some cute kids and I mean it’s a win. We love shopping local and handmade in our home and so all of these apparel shops are found just around the corner from our doorstep.

Kids clothes have come such a long ways since the days of puffy, ruffled sleeves and scratchy materials. Thanks mom for that experience! I’m still itchy. One of my favourite things in the morning is picking out Harlows outfit. However we have now reached the age where she fights me every morning on what to wear. Usually it’s between 3 of her favorite dresses, however I do occasionally win and get to select the outfit still. I’ve always dressed her in just a smaller version of what I would wear. I’ve never really been into cartoon shirts, logo’s or Disney stuff. I just wanted her to have more simple and versatile items that could be worn for longer.

The Tights the kids are wearing are from TK Clothing they are so beyond soft. They also can grow with your child if you buy them a size bigger your able to just fold the waistband over or I prefer them on the longer side cause you can just scrunch them up their legs and then they can grow more and more into them. These tights are a must have in our house for sure. Great quality, trendy, affordable and adorable. WIN ! 

Photography: Warin Marie Photography

Styling: Chaos + Creative

Other brands the kids are wearing:

Girls Tshirt: Remzo Apparel

Colourful Girls necklace: Nene & Bambino

Boys Tshirt: Locomotive Clothing

Boys white Tshirt: KEWE Clothing

Boys hat: Jax and Lennon Co


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