Fly for Pie 

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With recently moving to chilliwack we are adventuring around the city looking for unique adventures and activities to do. We have heard about fly for pie and thought now we are so close we need to check it out and find out for ourself if this pie is really as good as everyone says it is.

Chilliwack airport has become somewhat famous for their “FLY FOR PIE” and after visiting I can totally understand why. The pie is made fresh daily and by hand. No store bought re-heated pie here folks. Just the best of the best. They have so many choices it was terribly hard to pick just one to enjoy.

The pie comes with a scoop of ice cream with a choice of the pie heated up. I mean really what better way to spend a bad weather day then going for a delicious slice of HOMEADE pie ?! Not to mention it’s great place to take kids to. They can sit and enjoy their delicious pie while watching all the planes fly in and out.

Harlow was beyond excited to see the planes and she didn’t complain about the pie either. Such a fun activity for the whole family I strongly suggest checking it out even if your just passing through since its not far off the highway.

Airport coffee shop

46244 Airport Rd, Chilliwack, BC V2P 7K4

Check out the pie menu below:


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