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Every year do you struggle with coming up with a Father’s Day gift ? I know I do, and it stumps me every year. I also have double the trouble because I have two dads to buy for (my dad and step dad).

What do you get someone that not only has everything but tells you not to buy them anything ? My answer is you make them something ! And no, not that macaroni hat you made in kindergarten ! Something practical they can use. Both of my dad’s obviously shave from time to time which is why I thought making double the batch and creating something they both can use would be beneficial.


I decided to share both the recipes with you since it’s so easy to do both. Photos of the scrub below.

For the shaving cream …


1/3 cup coconut oil

1/3 cup Shea butter

1 TBS unsented Castile soap

10-15 drops of essential oil ( of your choice )

In a large mixing bowl combine the coconut oil and Shea butter and mix until well combined. Use a hand mixer to get a smooth consistency. Whip it until it is triple the size you started with. It usually takes 3-5 minutes to reach this so be patient.

Add the Castile soap and essential oils and mix together again for another minute or so.

And that’s it you’ve got a great HOMEADE Father’s Day gift in less than 10 minutes! Store the shaving cream in a jar with a lid, I put mine into a sealed mason jar. Super cute and rustic looking. For a thicker consistency, store the shaving cream in the fridge.

To use:

Wet skin and apply generously. Shave then rinse well. Just like the store purchased stuff but so much better for your skin!



1 bottle of store purchased body wash (That you enjoy the smell of)

4-6 cups granulated sugar

That’s it !!!!!

This one is super simple and I loved that cause my daughter “Harlow” could participate in making it.

In a mixing bowl add half the bottle of body wash, slowly start pouring in the sugar 1 cup at a time. Mix really well and keep adding more sugar until it’s completely mixed and a good consistency. I wanted mine to be a bit of a rougher scrub because both of my dad’s work outdoors and let’s be honest their skin is in rough shape. For you just test it on your own arm or hand and get an idea of the texture. You cannot mess this up !

That’s it find a fun container to store it. I choose a glass cup with a lid that actually came with a super cute wooden scoop that can sit right on the glass cup so you don’t loose it. Super cute and a great practical gift.

Styling: Ribbon & Lace

Photography: Warin Marie Photography


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