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We are beyond excited to tell you about this amazing brand. Spoon + Spool has the most beautiful handmade quilts you have ever seen. Handmade in Victoria, B.C Canada

The Tribe Quilt was inspired by the connection between past and present quilt makers. Heather, the designer behind Spoon + Spool always had an appreciation for history and traditions. Which is something I also love and now having a child value immensely. While being inspired by history and traditions she was also deeply intrigued with modern design. The contrast of old and new continually  inspired and influenced her quilting journey.

Spoon + Spool uses only high quality 100% cotton, non-toxic, water based inks. All of her quilts are quilted 100% Aurifil cotton threads and uses only natural fibers that are renewable and carbon neutral. Each quilt is sandwiched with a delicious layer of natural bamboo batting and bound with love. You can truly feel the love that she puts into each and every quilt. The more use they get, the better. I can’t get enough of those delicious quilt crinkles.

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Instagram: Spoon + Spool

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