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We spent a lovely cloudy afternoon in a beautiful country setting. Nestled in a quaint heritage barn in Abbotsford, B.C we welcomed a group of women to join us for an afternoon of making & mingling.

This is our first of many creative workshops we will be hosting. This particular workshop was hosted with Floral design by Lili for a flower crown workshop.

A full afternoon with the most amazing, lush, gorgeous smelling blooms. It was such an happy feeling to walk into a beautiful barn filled with dozen of vases filled with the most amazing smelling flowers for us to create with.

Coffee and cookies to snack on and a bunch of girls being crafty is my kind of Sunday. Lili went through the step by step process of how to start from scratch to make a flower crown. I always had thought it was going to be super difficult to make however after learning this process it’s actually super simple and totally something anyone can do.

After learning these skills what a fantastic activity for bridesmaids to do all together with a bride the night before her wedding with a glass of champagne or three 😉

For my crown I wanted mostly white with a touch of soft pale colours so I selected my bigger, focus flowers to be white while the accent and filler flowers were a pale purple colour and of course greens.

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Photography: Warin Marie Photography




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