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Our community is constantly surprising me with new talents popping up daily. I can’t even tell you how inspiring and fun it is to meet talented like minded women who have a passion for what they are doing.

With starting this blog I have made so many great new friends and have had the pleasure of getting to know some really amazing women who have such raw talent for what service and products they provide. I am constantly trying to be involved with community events and supporting local artisans and I do that because of my love for handmade and crafting and also wanting to support our community and countries economy. Most of these amazing women are also moms that are pushing and promoting their businesses with the daily struggle of parenting as well. A task that is not easy. I give huge credit to these women who after their kids are in bed are up late working or they are up early before the kids wake. I think it’s amazing that we show our kids what hard work and dedication looks like and lead by example.

One of the brands we have the pleasure of getting to know and love is:

Isn’t she lovely Handmade

Sweet, Pretty, shabby chic linens upcycled to sew adorable items for little girls. If you haven’t heard of this amazing brand you need to go follow her accounts. This is a super unique and adorable brand, with love put into every single piece. I love unique items when shopping for Harlow and love not having cookie cutter clothes. This brand fits that perfectly with not any two pieces the exact same, all super adorable and great quality what more could you ask for.

Click on the links below.

Facebook: Isn’t she lovely handmade
Instagram: Isn’t she lovely handmade


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2 thoughts on “Local Vintage Love 

  1. Wow thank you so much for this amazing review! Harlow sure knows how to make my little bows look good!;) It was so nice to have connected with you and I’m looking forward to working with you again! Xoxox

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