Life with a toddler 

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Is it just me ?

Some days I want to pull my hair out and lately with the lack of listening and temper tantrums that come out of nowhere it’s even worse. Tonight was an epic disaster with screaming and crying, harassing our poor dog, throwing food and being a total brat. Not to mention I totally forgot about dinner and burnt it to a crisp while I was dealing with a screaming child trying to sit on our 8 pound dog 😩 why? Does anyone know why?! I mean really ! This attitude came out of nowhere and the lack of listening skills is completely frustrating. I’m wondering if anyone else deals with such chaos with their toddlers and what are your tips and tricks to dealing with it and not loosing your mind ? I mean you can’t drink wine ALL day.

Also this whole potty training thing is HARD ! It’s not only time consuming but also super frustrating. I know she gets me when I explain it to her, however she just doesn’t care. She only does it when it works for her. Any pointers on that while I’m on a rant ?! I’d love to hear any feedback, tips, tricks, anything really I’m totally open to anything at this point !

Sincerely a tired sober mother

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2 thoughts on “Life with a toddler 

  1. It’s not just you.. Toddlers can test us all at the best of times.. After years of working in infant and toddler childcare the best piece of advise I can give you is remind yourself.. This too shall pass! It’s all just a phase, and if we can keep our cool, and be consistent it might help a little too… You’ve got this mama!

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    1. Thanks Sarah ! That’s a good reminder for sure its so testing at times but I really am hoping this too shall pass. Hopefully sooner than later ☺️ thank you so much for your encouragement 💕


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