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If your anything like me you almost stress at the thought of mothers day. Its so hard to come up with something unique, special and something that she doesn’t already have. My mom just buys anything she wants so how do you buy for someone that has everything. Well I thought this year I would do something different and a bit more unique.

I love a good thrift store purchase and I’m not afraid to say that. So my quest began into finding the perfect tea pot, something that would match my moms home and something that was a bit classic. I’m also a sucker for white. White everything ! So when I came across this white tea pot with a textured pattern I was thrilled, it had to be mine. A easy gift is flowers and it’s always a great back up when you just cant think of something else so why not put a fun spin on it?

I started by finding an assortment of flowers I liked. When selecting your flowers make sure to think of colour, texture and size. For the colours I wanted something fairly neutral with not a huge amount of colour because my moms home is full of colour already. I wanted an arrangement to standout and accent her home not to clash with it. For texture I wanted both greens and flowers that were in season and different sized pedals and leaves. As far as size I wanted a real range in heights so that my arrangement would look full and more of a garden look. I didn’t want a perfect rounded arrangement I wanted something a bit more natural and soft. The different sizes helped to fulfill that look well.

Once you have selected your arrangement you will need to collect a few more items.

  • Scissors
  • Flower food
  • Water
  • Ribbon
  • Card stock

You are going to start by filling your tea pot half full with water and adding a packet of flower food & mix that together. Next you are going to start with your greens or more leafy flowers and your going to build a base. Before putting those into the teapot your going to trim the ends off on a diagonal. Then you should hold your flowers while standing them up in the tea pot and determine how much to trim off. Once you have determined the height go ahead and snip them and place them into the water. Next your going to select your largest flower and repeat the same process, your going to continue to do this until you are all through your flowers. Don’t scared when doing it just have fun and be creative. Sometimes it helps to take a full step back and look at it and then try again. Just have fun with it ! Mom is going to love it anyway because it was made from you.

I also added a personal handwritten card to mine, by just selecting a pretty paper I loved and hole punching a hole in the top right hand corner. I then strung my ribbon through the hole to tie onto the handle of the tea pot. That’s it a super easy and fun gift for mom this mothers day.




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