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I am a huge lover of local handmade businesses that have a passion behind them and a back story as to why they even started their business in the first place and stardust generation is no exception to this. We have worn and used these products and totally loved them. The first thing Harlow did when she saw it was chew on it. They are so durable and strong and it’s a great quality product you are going to absolutely love.

A back story from the amazing creator and owner of Stardust generation:

I am a stay at home mother to two wonderful children, Levi (5) and Sloane (1). My son Levi has autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD and severe anxiety. His occupational therapist had recommended that Levi try some chewable jewellery for him to wear and to chew on when he felt anxious or needed a sensory output. Levi loved the pieces we first bought for him, but when he took them to school he was teased because of the way they looked. I was also concerned about what type of plastic they were made from. I looked for a better alternative and found teething necklaces but those were mostly designed for moms and little girls. 

I decided to create Stardust Generation so that older children including boys would have fun, stylish and functional pieces of jewellery to wear. The kids line did really well and from there I branched into producing products for moms and teething babies. 

Between Levi, my daughter who got all of her teeth by 1 (including molars), and myself (a self diagnosed person with sensory processing disorder and anxiety disorder) I believe we have the best household to test out these products. I create and design with the end user in mind and always combine a fun look for kids with the most functional pieces of beads. This is why some necklaces use more beads and stronger beads, and there is always a huge assortment of fun colours because kids love colour!

 The name Stardust Generation was chosen because we all come from stardust which means we should treat each other kindly and with understanding. This generation seems to have so many more special children that need our acceptance and compassion, thus the name Stardust Generation.

In addition to the back story of Stardust Generation they also donate partial proceeds from every product sold to the Canucks Autism Network (CAN) and just designed a new necklace that will offer 50% of proceeds to (CAN). It will be in their logo colours of blue, green and white and it will be for sale online.

How amazing is that ? Amazing, trendy, awesome product that also gives back !

LOVE IT !!! Check out the amazing designs here STARDUST GENERATION

Photography by :Warin Marie Photography

Styling by: Ribbon & Lace


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