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With this transitional weather I find it extremely challenging to dress Harlow in the mornings. Most days are still not warm enough for full out shorts, tank top and sandals but also not really pants and sweater weather either. So confusing and so frustrating when you need to keep changing outfits through the day. Apparently we are in a “princess” stage at the moment and wearing a dress or having curly hair means you are a princess. So usually she is trying to wear a dress everyday and usually wants to wear her cute dresses with her rain boots, even when its not raining. YIKES !

For this time of year I start to faze out tights with dresses unless we are going to the park or to play in general just because tights makes it more of a fall look and they also don’t usually stay on. Apparently that’s a game right now to take your pants off and run around in just a diaper and usually its right as we are trying to leave the house. I’ve learned to really pick my battles at the moment since we are in a “terrible two” stage and I just don’t want to poke the bear most of the time so we just leave the tights off which works for right now anyways.

I’m a huge layer person myself so I do the same when dressing her. A favourite thing to do with dresses is to layer a delicate sweater over the dress. Not only does it give you versatility with the weather it also gives you a bit of a different look. So maybe her favourite dress has been worn a ton of times but once you layer a sweater over it looks like a new dress. Problem solved for this ever changing weather, layer a cute sweater over a lightweight dress and as the day progressively gets warmer she can take that sweater off.

Shop Harlow’s look:

Dress: H&M

Sweater & Shoes: OLD NAVY



Photography by Warin Marie Photography





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