Spring Fashion

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With the warmer weather here its sometimes hard to figure out selecting an outfit in the morning or wondering what’s appropriate or not for the season. A few tips to help the season transition easier for you

  1. Layers
  2. Introducing Colour
  3. Use navy, gray, brown as neutrals not always black
  4. Layer patterns and Textures
  5. Flats or heels


As far as layering goes the weather can be all over the place this time of year. So starting your day off with layers will be a great transition for the afternoon warmer hours. Wearing a cardigan over a tank top or t-shirt will allow you to remove a layer if it gets too warm. Spring is also a great time to layer in those lightweight scarves in your closet and it also adds dimension to your outfit and maybe a punch of colour. Scarves can be a great accessory for any time of year just purchasing the right weight in fabric is key and also selecting the appropriate colours.

A great alternative to black is Navy or gray, its not as harsh and its easier to coordinate with those pale pastels and spring colours. A lot of the time black ends up being the star of the show in your outfit because its such a bold dark colour, however swapping the black out for navy can add to your look more than take away. 

A great way to add interest to your outfit is mixing patterns and textures, incorporate a lightweight accessory or layer a different coloured sweater. As far as shoes go find what’s weather appropriate and when the weathers nice bust out those open toed shoes to show off that new pedicure. Another great way to add colour to your outfit is by your shoes, purchase those trendy shoes in your favourite colour they will add to an outfit more than take away from it. 

Each style post I want to make it easy for you to find the items if you love them. I will link where you can purchase the items used in the look. In the case that the item is no longer available I will link something very similar both in the look and the price range of the original item.




Shop the look:










Photography by: Warin Marie Photography 




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