Fashion fear 


WMP_Chaos&CreativeFashion_10.jpgAnyone that knows me at all knows I hate having my photo taken. Photographers hate me because I pick every photo apart and will complain none of them are any good. I instantly start sweating, get nervous and anxious and panic sets in.

I suppose this comes from a lot of different things however I know one main trigger would be being raised in a family that was very much focused on looks and outward appearance. That’s a major issue when you become a parent yourself, for me I worry about passing down all the insecurities I have to Harlow my daughter. I want her to be so secure in who she is and be a strong independent confident girl, lady, woman, mom, grandma. I don’t want her to hide when a camera comes out to take a picture like I do, I don’t want her to pick apart photos of herself like I do. I want her to think WOW I’m beautiful !

Today it’s not easy to do that with society telling us we need to be a certain size, have a certain hair colour, or have a Kardashian looking butt. I mean those things can’t all be real anyways and we are all made differently. If we all looked the same this would be a very boring world. We all have unique and beautiful qualities it’s just about finding them and embracing them. So part of this blog is pushing myself out of my comfort zone and challenging myself to do more, see more and photograph more and that includes me. So part of this blog is fashion.

  1. Mom fashion
  2. Everyday fashion
  3. Affordable fashion
  4. Local fashion
  5. Toddler and baby fashion

I intend on sharing lots about fashion and accessories I love also kids and baby fashion. Stay tuned for more spring/ summer looks coming to the blog soon. Also some amazing giveaways !!!!


Photos by: Warin Marie Photography




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