Free Fun For Littles in Abbotsford,B.C

Activities for littles

Do you live in the Fraser valley ? Or Vancouver ? Are you always looking for something free and fun to do with your kids ? I know we are ! 

Last week we went to one of our favourite spots locally and thought we would share this amazing and fun location with you. If your child loves animals half as much as mine does they are going to love it. 
Devan Greenhouses is the most beautiful greenhouse filled with stunning flowers. From the moment you walk in the door you are blown away with an overwhelming happy feeling it’s like walking into a mini vacation for an hour. We always take our time to stroll each isle. With the middle of the greenhouse hosting a beautiful pond it’s really a mini oasis.    

 If that’s not enough for you they also have a petting zoo with the most adorable animals. You can physically go into the gated area and feed them treats, pet them, or take a selfie with them. I mean this was even fun for me to go and pet a bunny, and baby goats. They are all super friendly and love getting treats.

They have the coolest gadget to feed the animals treats, its a cup on a pulley system. You put the treats into the dish and raise it to the top of a play structure for the goats, they are so smart as soon as they hear the food hit the dish they are running up to the top to get the treats. It’s the cutest thing ever and Harlow found it hilarious. 

Tip: Make sure you bring a handful of quarters with you so your able to buy some treats and try this with your kids.

Plan your trip:

28904 Fraser Hwy 

Abbotsford, BC

 V4X 1G8



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