Some Bunny is two 

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The lead up to birthdays or any celebration in this house is always so much fun and who doesn’t love an excuse to host a great event ? Children’s birthdays might be my favourite to host because they are full of colour and life, fun elements that make it so much more fun that a standard adult birthday. Tons of cake and crafts to make it a fun time for all. 

This party for Harlow was inspired by Harlows love for animals and especially bunnies. With it being around Easter it fit so well to share it with you now. This party kept me busy with DIY projects from the Pin the tail on the bunny chalkboard, to the flower scrabble toppers, the sleep masks, and so much more. My love for crafting might be somewhat of a problem at times however when hosting a party I think it just adds to the fun and personalization of the day. 

Making memories and celebrating milestones is something near and dear to me. Looking back upon these photos in years to come will be something so special and memorable. XO

Happy Monday ! 

 This party theme was so fun to bring to life and wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some very talented vendors: 

Styling: Chaos + Creative  
Photography: Warin Marie Photography 
Macarons: Kizzy Macarons 
Flowers: Floral design by Lili 
Calligraphy: Jess Delves
Venue and vintage rentals: The market by spruce.
Cakes: Reddy made cakes 
Marshmallows: Marsh and mallow
Cookies: Cookies by Pam


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