Capturing special moments


PHOTOGRAPHY: Christine Pienaar Photography

I am a huge fan of documenting memories through photos and with children they grow up so fast that you almost forget about the special times and the moments. So I am always up for hiring a professional to take really amazing photos, or even having a close friend or family member with talents to do it for you. A picture documents memories and feelings and can bring you back in time so easily. Some things are just so replaceable but having special photos is something you can never put a true value on. God forbid we ever have a house fire the only thing I would go to grab would be my computer and phones which hold our precious photos.

The first 6 months of Harlow’s life was a blur however when I scroll through the photos I remember those cherished special times. It brings up the raw emotions and feelings I had back then and that is something I truly cherish.

My Grandparents have photo albums upon photo albums of all of us grandchildren as kids and my granny will often just sit on the floor and reminisce about old times and relive the memories and moments in the photos. She has albums of her and my grandpa when they first met and their incredible story and journey through the past 50+ years together. It would be hard for them to remember all the memories if it weren’t for those photographs; being as so much time has passed between then and now, however moments and feelings all come back when looking at a simple photo. Something I really want to be abe to do with harlow and her children is one day sit on the floor (Just like I do with my grandma now) with them and look back on these memories we are currently creating and capturing now.

What a reminder to live in the moment and make the most of our time, especially with our children. To put our phones down and turn the TV off and play with them or take them on an adventure, do something meaningful and live in the present. I hope you are encouraged to take some current photos and maybe set aside time every day or even once a week, to spend time living in the moment even if you don’t have children to do it for yourself, write in your journal go for a walk in nature, whatever it is that makes you happy and document it.

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