Quick trips


Something I remember as a child was my parents putting us in the back of my dads truck and literally I mean in the back of the truck, he use to put an old couch in the box of the truck totally illegal but I mean this was 30 years ago and we lived in the country ( don’t try that at home) and we would just go for drives or small adventures. I’ve started this tradition in our family and this year I’ve given us a challenge to explore more and see more, to just get outside and enjoy the beauty in our backyard. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by how fast time seems to pass us by and that was a bit of a wake up call for me when I all of a sudden was planning my daughters 2nd birthday. How is she 2 already did I make the most of my time with her and the time as a family we have together? Something I probably would have to answer no to. Well its never to late to make a change and I encourage everyone to do the same, its so easy to get wrapped up in work and stress of regular life and we just kind of let life pass us by. I challenge you and your family or If you are single then just you to make the most of the spare time you have. I don’t mean go for a road trip every day off you have but if your someone who loves to read at home and just enjoy the quiet maybe take your book and head to a new park you’ve never been too or head to the beach to read, something different and a bit out of the norm.

Some times we are our own worst enemies we get inside our head too much and end up talking our self out of ideas or dreams because we are just comfortable with our everyday life and our regular routine. The thing about that is we don’t truly grown as individuals or in relationships unless we are pushed out of that comfort zone. I read the other day on Facebook (so not really reliable source) however;  it was interesting and said that studies have found that money spent on travel will make you happier than money spent on material goods. Trip length doesn’t affect your post trip happiness, a short trip will make you feel just as happy. All you need is a weekend getaway. It also mentioned that regular travellers get along with people better and feel less anxiety in social situations and that couple who travel together report increased intimacy, so the best travel accessory is someone you love. I found that to be super inspiring and encouraging and I hope you do too.

This past weekend we decided to pack up and head to the family Ranch which is located just outside of Hedley B.C we don’t usually get a lot of cell service which is nice because you are forced to un plug while there. We enjoy slow mornings, beautiful sunrises and playing on the farm. Something that brings back memories of my childhood getting dirty and being a real kid. With the ranch being situated close to the Similkameen river we love to head there and play because it is so beautiful and calming such a great place to relax. In the summer the river is known for people tubing down it with coolers full of drinks and speakers blasting music.

I am beyond grateful we have such a great place to escape too when we want to just escape the city life and having Harlow exposed to being a “real kid”, seeing baby cows being born and playing with all the farm dogs, helping pick rocks or driving around on ATVs memories and moments you just cant purchase.

My challenge to you would be to try something new and adventure the unknown. Let’s start a follow along and hashtag your new adventures with #myccadventure. I can’t wait to see photos of your family and the memories being made.

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