Why ? Why not ?!


blog pic

Many people are probably wondering why start a blog ?

Well why not ?

I have always had a passion for photography, crafting, DIY projects, baking, fashion, home décor, party planning, etc. So why not start a lifestyle blog?  A place to collect all the ideas, thoughts, memories and hopefully create a place where women can come together feeling unjudged and honest to share their feelings and opinions, a place where you can hopefully feel inspired.

I have a love and passion for supporting small handmade local artisans and love to shop small. I do love name brands and do shop at big box retailers as well but I am usually drawn to the different and more unique items or more of the classics when it comes to fashion anyways.

My daughter Harlow is obviously a huge part of my life and being a mom is my true life’s passion and where my heart really belongs so sharing mommy stuff is also part of this blog you can also expect to see posts about kids fashion, food, activities, etc.

I hope you join in on this journey !











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